Anaheim Ducks Colorado Avalanche Hockey Podcast


The DucksAvs Podcast was created by 2 huge hockey fans out in California. One is an Avs fan, one is a Ducks fan… wait, actually both are Ducks fans! This podcast is primarily about talking hockey, avs talk, ducks talk, drinking beer, talking hockey and beer. So grab your 40 and spend a little time with Wizo and Bones of the DUCKS AVS PODCAST!…

Six Beers Deep is a California based Anaheim Ducks and Colorado Avalanche Hockey Podcast. Hosts Bones and Wizo chat, debate, drink, laugh, and talk plenty of Ducks and Avs hockey. This podcast is not just about talking hockey, it’s also about having a good time drinking and laughing with non stop comedy… hopefully. So if you’re a Ducks and/or Avalanche fan, general hockey fan or lover of booze then kick off your shoes, grab your beer and hand out with the Six Beers Deep Podcast.

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